The First Ever Scalper-Free tour?

Two weeks ago, Nine Inch Nails put their last ten tour dates up for presale via their (largely) tout-free system – you have to pick up your personalised ticket on the day on production of valid photo ID. The general sale for these shows – which is being held on the 31st July – is being run through Ticketmaster, who yesterday said that they would operate a paperless sale, whereby the buyer must scan their credit card at the door of the venue to be let in.

This news saw a swift disappearance of touted tickets from eBay, which were set to go for thousands in some cases. Combined with a vigilant fanbase and industry-aware foreman, could these farewell shows be the first in pop history to go un-scalped?


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2 responses to “The First Ever Scalper-Free tour?

  1. getdownmakelove

    People who got two tickets are scalping the extra and taking the buyer in with them.

  2. Scalping or selling at face value (which is not scalping)? If they’re scalping – and doing it on a nin community forum/somewhere like they’ll most likely get castrated instead of paid.

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