Mayor of London begins extinction of Bendy Buses

Following through on one of his campaign pledges, Boris Johnson will get rid of the Bendy Bus today.


A group of bendy buses are being taken out of commission in London by mayor Boris Johnson.

The nine vehicles, operating on Route 507, will be replaced by new buses after their final day of service.

He pledged to scrap the “much-loathed” buses last year, saying they were dangerous and enabled fare evasion.

But passenger group London TravelWatch and the London Assembly’s Labour group said there was no evidence bendy buses caused more accidents.

Removing bendy buses was one of Mr Johnson’s key pledges during last year’s mayoral election, and he plans to phase them all out by 2011.

It’s quite a controversial vehicle – does it make the bus operation more efficient, or does it inconvenience other motorists on narrow London streets?  Is it an eyesore or a step into the future?

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One response to “Mayor of London begins extinction of Bendy Buses

  1. michael

    no dont do that thats horrible if u talke out the 507 line only thats fine but all of them thats crazy i live in america and i love londen bendy buses i even want to buy a toy of them or send some of them to america you know to new york plz thankyou

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