Drug Shortage update: Our drugs are being sold overseas

Further to this post, the BBC, Sky News, and ITN have all recently reported (via internet and broadcast media) that there is a national UK shortage of 55 drugs – including medicines for asthma, blood clots, and cancer – due to pharmaceutical companies selling more abroad for profit.

From the BBC:

Pharmacists are warning that patients are suffering because of a shortage of some medicines.  An attractive export market and quotas set by drug manufacturers are being blamed for ongoing stock problems with more than 50 branded medicines.

The Telegraph:

Difficulty in sourcing medicines – including those for breast cancer, blood clots and anti-depressants – led to nearly a third of patients suffering, according to more than 150 community pharmacies surveyed. One pharmacist said a patient had panic attacks waiting for the anti-depressant Cipralex, while another said the wait for the breast cancer drug Femara had caused “extreme distress”.

Sky News reports:

Nearly 90% of those who took part in the survey – published by the Chemist & Druggist website – said they were “very concerned” about difficulties they were having getting hold of some medicines.

Pharmacy News states:

The hardest medicine to obtain was weight loss drug Xenical, followed by antipsychotic Zyprexa, and 55 per cent of those surveyed had waited three days to get emergency stock delivered.

Xenical and Flutamide – both in this list of 55 medicines – are used for the treatment of PCOS.

You can Digg the BBC story here

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