Goodbye NIN

Last night Nine Inch Nails played the final show of their Wave Goodbye tour, marking the end of the band as “a touring entity“.  The validity of this claim has been disputed by several fans (Reznor is notorious for changing his mind – earlier this year he stated that June’s Bonnaroo Festival performance would be his last US show), but it is being regarded as the end of an era nonetheless.

Image via @skwerl on twitter

image via @skwerl on twitter

Fans from around the world flocked to the US and camped out for days to be a part of the experience, and those who could not make it stayed up to follow the shows online.  A few hours ago, fans came together on twitter to put #nin at the top of the site’s trending topics list as the final set reached its climax.

image via @ninhotline on twitter

This community is used to periods of inactivity – Nine Inch Nails only released two full-length albums in the 90s – so for many the months/years to come will be a return to “normality”, and a time for consolidation of the past four years.  Four years which have included four album releases, a successful viral marketing campaign, a fight against scalping, and unconvential distribution methods, and have quite likely earned the band a place in music history.

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