Forward: Question Time and the BNP

I’ve been thinking about whether to write up something about Nick Griffin’s appearance on the BNP.  But every format I’ve tried seems either lazy or underresearched.  I’ve just come across Owinn‘s post on the subject, which more or less covers my views, and is very much articulate and well thought-out.  Link below the excerpt.

People want jobs and as usual it’s the immigrant who they see as the wall between them and work but sometimes I wonder, do you really want a job? Or do you just want an excuse not to work? Do you have the expertise? Will you work for the same money that immigrants supposedly get because apparently immigrant brain surgeons take home minimum wage these days. Will you put in the time and effort to make a better life for yourself and stop making excuses? After the Question Time debate, on the This Week program Alan Davies gave a remarkably insightful take on the situation facing the UK and immgration, we see people with more than we have entering our country and these people may be more intelligent than you, more skilled than you but it tears you up inside as you see these outsiders get by seemingly without a care in the world. These people worked hard to get to where they are, you need to ask if you can say the same about yourself.

More here

There is further debate through BBC Question Time site, the #bbcqt hashtag on twitter, and probaly any site worth visiting today (that’s not to do with the new TOIOU release).

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  1. owinn

    Glad you enjoyed the post


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