The NIN Hotline and This One Is On Us present: The Downward Spiral: Live

As I’ve previously blogged, the Nine Inch Nails fanbase is a prime example of how creativity can breed more creativity.  Last week, a group of fans – several of whom had not been to the show in question – came together to create a high-quality, share-alike DVD of the band’s sequential performance of The Downward Spiral.

Producer and Editor Pier-Philippe de Chevigny-Blanc commented:

As soon as I heard about the TDS set the band performed at Webster Hall last August, I immediately jumped on my computer and started collecting footage (especially since the show hadn’t been filmed professionally).

With a little over 11 sources, this is likely to be the only DVD of that historic, first ever live performance of The Downward Spiral.

The community has already exploded with discussion (follow #tdslive and @thisoneisonus on twitter, and these threads on the forums), and has even caught the attention of the band in question:


TDS:Live on the homepage

The release is available via DVD torrent, iPod download, and streamable via Youtube.  More formats are to come.  Click here for credits and a Q&A.



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