Recycle electronics for “prizes”

I wouldn’t usually blog about this sort of thing, but I came across a link to Swagbucks in my blog stats earlier today, and naturally clicked through to see what it was all about.  It’s a generic cashback site for the most part – where you earn points from internet searches and online purchases and exchange them for other goods/vouchers.  It’s mainly aimed at the US market, so not much use to me.


Something that did catch my eye was their “Trade-in” feature.  They will take your old mobile phones and video game consoles in exchange for Swagbucks, which can effectively buy new gadgets, bottles of wine, even airmiles.  This is a great incentive for those of us who might want to send our old junk to a new home, but might not be prepared to send things to Freecycle without reward.   Similar schemes are working well on this side of the pond (car scrappage, Sony’s TV exchange programme), so it’s a good sign that this may one day become something that’s universally applied.

You can sign up to Swagbucks here and read more about their trade-in scheme here.

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