PCOS update

As longer-term readers of this blog may have gleaned, things have changed quite a lot since my last update.

An apparent shortage of Flutamide means that I have been switched to Finasteride in the interim which – apart from several more fights with pharmacists that refused to give me the drug despite the fact that I had a prescription, due to the idea that it was “just for men” – has seen a return of rapid hair loss and DHT production so strong that daily hair washes with specialist shampoos can’t ward it off.  There is now less than a handful of hair on the upper third of my scalp.  Last week I bought a wig to test how it would look/feel, and much to my relief, I and other people thought it was realistic.  It was strange to have the feeling of long, thick hair back again (something that I had naturally for the first 21 years of my life) and I actually look forward to the point where I can shave the remaining hair from my head and go out with a wig, a headscarf, or even bald, and not have to worry about covering anything up.


Sibutramine worked well at first – I’d go for ages without feeling hungry in the slightest.  But then it backfired, and I started feeling tired, highly-strung, and as if I was on drugs (Sibutramine is essentially speed).  About a month ago, my eating habits reversed, and I was exceeding my food target on a daily basis.  I’ve decided to stop taking it (for my mental as well as physical health) and take up Metformin again.  I have enough pills left over from earlier in the year to last me until my appointment next month.


Everything else has more or less stayed the same.  Still using Regaine, taking supplements, and taking Yasmin.  Winter makes it harder to exercise, but that’s something I’ll need to snap out of myself.  I bought my first bottle of Saw Palmetto last night, so we’ll see how that goes.

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