Deja Vu?

Last night Robbie Williams joined Take That on stage for a charity gig at the Royal Albert Hall.  Both acts performed separate sets, but sang the final song together, along with the evening’s other stars including Paul McCartney and Dizzee Rascal.  It’s all over the print and broadcast news this morning.


image via

But hang on, this has kind of happened before hasn’t it?  I remember quite vividly that in December 1997, there was a concert for hope for Princess Diana, organised by Gary Barlow.  Robbie Williams headlined, and other performers included Boyzone and All Saints.  It was even aired on TV.  At the end of the show, the entire line-up sang Let It Be by the Beatles together, and Gary and Robbie hugged, not dissimilarly to the image above.

Here’s a video of that song.  Look, at 03:44, THEY KISS AND HUG!



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