Mew Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Mew returned to the UK this week for a short tour, continuing an extremely busy and successful year for the band, with the release of their new album, a European support tour for some band I like, and a museum exhibition in LA.

I attended the London show with Mark “Wix” Higgins, who has given the show a fairly accurate review:

On Tuesday 10th November, I popped down to the Shepherd’s Bush Empire (or rather, the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire as it now is) to see Mew for the fifth time as a headlining band.  As you might have guessed, I’m a pretty big fan of this Danish group that’’s pretty difficult to define to one genre – wild, far-reaching prog rock with a hefty dose of ambient dream pop is probably about halfway there.

More here.

The show was equally a pleasure to watch from my left of stage position, an experience possibly enhanced by leaning against the front speakers for the evening.  Mew’s ambient yet energetic rock style holds together a full art spectacle comprising of metal tins, face masks, psychedelia and stop motion animation – a show that bursts with life when not restricted to a 20 minute opening slot.  Highly recommended.



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