Save the Subculture

Following venues like the Boardwalk, Hammersmith Palais, and more recently the Astoria and Bar Phono, another much-cherished niche music venue faces closure.

theSubculture, which was established in 2005 when Leeds’s Merrion Centre threatened to close down its two music venues due to licensing and security issues, has been a hub of eclecticism, holding retro events, craft markets, theme parties, burlesque shows and student-run club nights.  Its friendly staff, colourful walls and central location made it an ideal retreat for people from all walks of life – from kids doing their homework at the Pubculture on Saturday afternoons, to grey haired punks reliving their younger years into the early hours.

Due to an increase in rent, and several debts, however, the venue once again faces closure, which would be a sad fate for one of the few remaining gems in a city that is fast becoming homogenised.  The club’s owner, Sarah McCormick, has started the Save the Subculture campaign, and is accepting suggestions for fundraising ideas.

People who have performed within these walls include:

  • Cybercide
  • Killing Miranda
  • Bella Besame
  • Killing Miranda
  • Little Match Girl
  • Zeitgeist Zero
  • Screaming Banshee Aircrew
  • Resist
  • Somatics
  • The Fret
  • The Gossip

Club nights include:


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2 responses to “Save the Subculture

  1. A worthy cause. I’m familiar with many of these places. They are not so much clubs as gathering places of forces—forces of resistance, creativity and joy. Always, a worthy cause.

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