30 Days of Music #1 – Your Favourite Song

In an attempt to get this blog out of it’s slothful state (due to an office building with a most ridiculous Internet policy), I am resorting to a memeMark (of “who let this bollocks onto the radio?” fame) and Laisa have already started their versions of this, along with dozens of people with whom I do not share a thoroughly cliqueish pendant design.

Enough with stringing out a sentence in a Jane Austen-style manner, and on with the first entry:

#1 – Your Favourite Song

I am in the habit of rating the songs on my iPod according to how much I like them.  For this song, I wish Apple would invent the sixth star.  I remember vivdly hearing this song for the first time.  Saturday morning, Spring of 2004, on CD:UK, introduced by Cat Deeley.  I had tuned into the show especially because a song from the new album by my favourite musician was about to be debuted.  Not much expectation there, then.  In silence, a man in an orange speedo does a flip from a diving board into a roof top pool.  And then, Bass.

It still gives me chills and hypnotises me from the first beat to the last.  I know the dance moves to every version of this song (incidentally, this is my favourite mix), and have played it at goth clubs and got the miserable bastards to dance to it.  It is quite simply everything music should do.

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