Forward: Atari Teenage Riot reunite in London

Atari Teenage Riot played London’s Electric Ballroom last night, to a transcontinental crowd of goths, 40 somethings, hippies, and inbetweeners.  An apt audience for a gig that threw away the concept of genre – 2000 years of music melted together to create a 90 minute symphony of noise. It was a show that Alec Empire said he had owed the city for 10 years, after a band member walked out of a Brixton Academy support slot in 1999.  And what a well-timed return it was – just one day after the Parliament coalition was confirmed, 500 people screamed in unison “government control, too much government control” – the refrain from the opening song of the show.

Spin’s Nick Duerden probably put it best when he called the performance “a bucketful of wasabi”.  Read his fairly accurate review here.


Into The Death
No Remorse
Destroy 2000 Years of Culture
Sick To Death
Deutschland Has Gotta Die!
Fuck All
No Success
Get Up While You Can
Too Dead For Me
US Fade Out
Not Your Business
Revolution Action
Start The Riot
Noise Finale

A few of the dozen or so recordings from last night are already on youtube.  For something a bit more official, check out this trailer for the Activate Live video, filmed last night at the concert

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