30 days of music #27 – a song that you wish you could play

This should be quite an easy song to play, right?  Just one instrument for most of the way, a nice slow ballad with no funny jumps or stretches across the keyboard required.  It was my favourite song for a long time, so it would be a fairly good one to master, wouldn’t it?

Except I can’t.  For all the years of piano lessons, I can’t co-ordinate my hands well enough to play two notes at once if my hands are required to be out of symmetry (so I can play chopsticks, which puts me on the same level of competency as someone with no hands at all).  I can use this sort of keyboard just fine – I can type away at 90wpm, haven’t even had to look down at my hands once while typing this – but as for a piano keyboard, a tambourine, a triangle even, well, to quote Mr Fry again…I CAN’T FUCKING DO IT.

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