Autolux – Transit Transit

The new Autolux album has taken ages to come out because, as their website put it, they were busy “getting the business end of the music squared away”.  A few weeks ago, a 128kbps version leaked.  I’m no audiophile, but even I chose to hold out for something better.  Checking in to one of my favourite forums tonight, I discovered that the album had finally become available to pre-order.

The band have chosen to release the album with Topspin – who I’ve blogged about before.  They’re fast becoming a favourite among artists that want to stray from the archaic record company format, and offer their fans variety and control over what they buy.  Topspin have an excellent reputation for paying their artists well, and they provide excellent customer service to the fans.  It is good that they are growing.

The site says that the album will be released on the 30th July, but on paying for the digital release (a measly £5) I was sent a download link instantly.  I’m copying it to my desktop right now.

This will be the first time I’ve paid for an album before listening to more than one song in a long while.  I’m excited.

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