The Dresden Dolls: Live in New York

A fan-created live DVD of the band’s return to the stage

Following a brief hiatus, the Dresden Dolls are back to celebrate 10 years in the music business with a Halloween show at the Irving Plaza in New York. The concert promises special guests, rare performances, and a cacophony of Brechtian entertainment

This triumphant return will be documented by the Dresden Dolls fan base in a project spearheaded by “This One Is On Us”, the groundbreaking collective that created a film companion for Nine Inch Nails’s “Lights in the Sky” tour – an effort lauded as “better than professional” and “an inspiration in an age of digital piracy”.  Fans from all over the world will record, edit, design, and promote to produce a DVD of the evening for all the world to cherish and enjoy.

Inclusion is an art form that The Dresden Dolls have perfected”

The Dresden Dolls are more than just Brian Viglione and Amanda Palmer – they are a movement.  From circus acts to fancy dress the Dresden Dolls fan base has already proven that they have a wealth of creativity to match that of their muses, who are well-known for hosting webcasts and impromptu free shows.  This project aims to blur the link between author and reader even further – until both are one and the same.

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