BlackCheddar: Back and Forth

Is it too late to do a New Year’s Resolutions post? I never got round to a “2010 summary” one either, but again, the Gregorian calendar is arbitrary, it’s just another day, etc.

  • Lose 5kgs
    This is the only stereotypical entry on my list, but I’m not one of those girls in the Boots advert, so it’s not for Heat-reading, Primark-shopping, GHD-using reasons. For a number of reasons, this didn’t happen in 2010. I had far too much on my plate (ho ho) to concentrate on health, and my prescription had gone a little experimental, despite the fact that the existing meds had been working quite effectively. This year, however, everything is back on course, and I am starting to fit back into the clothes I bought in eBay last summer – forgetting in haste at the time that I was no longer a size 12.
  • Turn Job into an Actual Career (Rather Than Something I Do For Money)
    The year got off to a good enough start, with a few travel sites asking me to ghostwrite city guides and several unexpected mentoring sessions that taught me not to pursue journalism in a freelance context. Thanks to a long and sun-filled holiday, an inspiration meeting with the folks at 3B digital, and a couple of nights spent sleeping rough in Brixton for the love of my life, work went up a gear in September. Client requests soon started pouring in, among them comissions to write product copy for an American heating company, a bio for an international concert promoters, and rewriting and proofing copy for the entire Codastar Web Design site in preparation for a brand relaunch, which I am told is imminent. So in 2011 I plan to go into full attack mode. I will print more of those business cards, join the BNI, and attend as many socials as I can. And get that bloody website up (it’s currently all mapped out in a sketchbook – remember paper?).
  • Elsewhere, the This One Is On Us project (regular readers will have heard all this before) received a flood of praise from critics and fans alike. We’ve been in newspapers, on tv, and on parts of the Internet that (we think) mean something. Worldwide screenings, charity fundraisers, and a very successful physical distribution model thanks to Clive Holloway mean that we now have the drive and encouragement to treat this as a serious non- profit. A mission statement has already been drafted, new branding is being implemented, and we’ve already attracted attention elsewhere in the industry. Audio mixing has begun for a new Dresden Dolls release which aims to be as deluxe as Another Version of the Truth, and we are currently in discussions with another East Coast band regarding a limited release of something special. Life as a producer is proving to be both exciting and nervous – something that I have come to expect from all TOIOU projects. I can feel the impending headaches already, but this time I’m better prepared.

  • A New Outlook For A Better Tomorrow
  • I might leave this one for now, not least because if I word this at 17 minutes past midnight on sleep deprived adrenaline, I will appear The Potty. This part will appear no later than the 25th April 2011. Can you feel the marketing-gimmick-like suspense?



    NB – Title makes reference to a Blackadder TV special, and the fact that there are dairy products in this blog’s name.

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