Vitamin D

Another winter, and another Vitamin D injection appointment.

Women with PCOS can have low vitamin D levels, which often contributes to, or aggravates, a lot of the symptoms. This diagram illustrates Vitamin D’s effect on the endocrine system (click here for larger version):

Perhaps the most relevant part here is the Nuclear Receptors section, which shows Vitamin D’s importance in hair growth, insulin production, hormone development, fertility and all that useful stuff that doesn’t tend to happen with people like me (such is what the Internet and my endocrinologist tell me, at least).

After my injections, the change is fairly remarkable.  I’m suddenly more alert and energetic, my eating habits change (far less pregnancy-like sensitivities), and my weight – well, I can only assume that D3 scares the bejeesus out of fat molecules.   It is important to note however that I don’t believe that Vitamin D is a miracle cure, despite how many wacky twitter doctors tell me so.

Well worth a needle in the bum once a year, though.

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