Three Things: Work

Or “can’t blog for fun, too busy being paid to blog”.  Here’s a quick round-up of what I’ve been up to lately:


  • Have been collaborating with the 3B Digital chaps again following an urgent request for my literally mad researching skills.  They’ve managed to get me excited about golf, with promising things planned for the Leaderboard community.
  • After a meeting with David of 2010media, I was commissioned to source social media case studies for seminars and a book (printing copies as we type) based on his Fusion Marketing concept.  He’s also got me writing about London for a few minutes every day – something I never need any persuading to do.
  • I also spent a couple of months with Codastar Design, helping them with copywriting, sub editing, and social media as they gave their brand an overhaul.  I still have a finger in the Codastar pie, with emails from project manager Craig Martindale and director Vinny Piana usually marking the start to my office day.


And despite working with so many Webbies recently, I have not moved an inch where my own website is concerned!  Must get cracking on that one.

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