I get asked to QA a huge range of things to do with marketing and advertising.  One consistent error that I always see is within market research, specifically through the use of surveys.  It’s the simplest, most obvious thing, but it happens almost every time.

So, to any marketers or researches reading this, remember:

If the consumer tells you that they have never heard of a product, do not go on to ask them a 20-item question about their experience with the product.

The point of market research (N.B. social media is market research/PR.  It is not sales) is to listen to your audience and learn from their opinions.  Anticipating their response or constructing a survey that ignores them will do nothing but put them off your product.

E.g.:  I’ve just wasted 20 minutes choosing “neither agree nor disagree” on something created by whoever makes Maximuscle.  Unfortunately, due to RSI I am now incapable of ever buying your product.  Congratulations.

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