Lush petition regarding EU legislation on Animal Testing

Later this year, the EU plans to vote on an amendment to make illegal the sale, marketing, or practice of animal testing for cosmetic products across Europe.

However, lately there has been talk of delaying this vote until 2021:

“The ban on the testing and marketing of animal tested cosmetics is something that’s been in the works for many years, and there were several deadlines put in place to ensure that there was time for companies to adjust and get ready to adhere to the ban. In all, it’s been a 10 year process, with the 7th amendment made in 2003. The first major deadline for the majority of animal tests to be banned was in 2009, and for the most part that happened. But there were three areas where no alternatives to animal testing had been developed, and so the industry then had a further 4 years, until 2013 (and 10 years in total) to find those alternatives. Now they say those alternative still won’t be ready and they need an extension of up to 10 years or more. “

UK cosmetics company Lush – which already actively works to maintain the environment, using minimal packaging, vegan ingredients, and all-natural recipes – has set up a petition to contest this delay.  You can write directly to your MEP, or head down to your local Lush store to sign a post card that will be sent off to the EU parliament.

This change in legislation will be the first of its kind that affects a major trading area, and would be a huge step forward for equality.

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