On Stupid Adverts Aimed at Stupid Women


I recently came across this image on Facebook, with the description “This was an ad made by bodyshop. But Barbie INC. found out about it and now it’s banned. Repost if you think this ad deserves to be seen.”.

Welll…..I sort of take issue with that.


I’d rather let Barbie be who she wants to be and raise my child not to give a fuck about such things, but whatever.

Furthermore, Barbie are quite blatant about what they sell – the dolls have always been unashamedly fetishistic.  The Body Shop? I think they stopped being what they claimed to stand for a long time ago, and this is a shade of high-horse deception I cannot stand.   I’m pretty sure that The Body Shop got their facts wrong here – just how they claim to be against animal testing but are owned by a company who enjoy raping the eyeballs of bunnies for the hell of it.

And call me crazy, but I’m just the sort of person who would rather care about the quality of a creature’s wellbeing than the fragile ego of the sort of insane graziaheatcherylcolelouboutinprimark woman 98% of females are (my figures are as accurate as The Body Shop’s).

I suppose I sort of look like the woman in the poster.  But this poster certainly does NOT represent me or my beliefs.  Not in any shape or form.


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10 responses to “On Stupid Adverts Aimed at Stupid Women

  1. Maire McSorley

    I didn’t see it as an advert for The Body Shop, which as you say may have abandoned its original objectives, I saw an image which challenged the media pressure on girls and young women to look stick thin in order to be accepted and valued, and as such I thought it had merit. I sincerely wish you well in passing your values to your child. Sometimes in the face of a media onslaught on women’s body image (amongst other things), being a good parent is just not enough. I think we need to keep the discussion current & active and I believe this image does just that ….and I am far from being a stupid woman. All the best to you.

  2. James Arthur Campbell

    Super models must have real difficulty finding clothes that fit properly, as they always seem to need expensive designers to make all their clothes for them.. That must be really frustrating,, not being able to just by something off the peg!!

  3. Liz

    For those who missed it, Barbies manufacturer Mattel sent The Body Shop a cease and desist order after posters featuring Ruby – a self proclaimed Anti-Barbie spokesperson started appearing in American shop windows. This banned advertisement was also forbidden to be hung up in the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway. The complaints included her “nude and nippless figure” being exposed to the public which offended people in the US and China.

  4. ssadibug

    I think it speaks say use the beauty within you; whatever your shape. Teenagers now day are faced with all the digital faux crap that is unhealthy in real life but made to appear amazing.

    Put a bikini on the doll and call it done…. personally I don’t care…. it didn’t offend me.

    For the man who say it’s a stupid advert for stupid women…. perhaps it’s beyond the small minded man’s IQ to comprehend just how the advert is important.

    • Gustav

      Uhm… the blog is written by a woman. A woman, though I agree with her calling out the ulterior motive of the Body Shop, who completely missed the message of the ad.

      • The thing I take issue with is the Facebook call to action and what that implies. Which if what Liz says is right, is even more misdirected.

        And that last paragraph would kind of suggest that I am female, yeah!

  5. Sharron F

    I saw this image on facebook & viewed it as an empowering image rather than an ad for bodyshop. I think that women & young girls are under increasing pressure from media & culture influences to be unhealthy & unacheivably thin, so as to conform to a contrived image of beauty & acceptablity.
    I wish the author every success in passing on her values to her child but as a parent my self I would suggest that without challenging the norm & providing alternatives, the media image would win out.
    I would point out the title of this blog is infact a sweeping generalism assuming that everyone who viewed the ad was a supporter of bodyshop & therefore stupid.

    • But why do these women need Body Shop to tell them that they are beautiful? Why are they defining their self-worth and beauty according to what this ad or any other media image tells them? Why do they eat up and believe pictures on TV screens and in magazines? Why do they see those images as “good”, and that because they are other, they must be “bad”?

      This advert relays the same attitude as those featuring supermodels – shape X is good, let’s laugh at the other thing. It employs very basic psychology of advertising – it’s aimed directly at “the fat bird who wants to get her own back at the skinny bitches”. Why can’t supermodels and Rubies be equally valid? How does this advert speak to anorexics and those who get teased for being too skinny when they can’t help it?

      The title doesn’t assume that everyone who views the ad is a supporter of body shop or stupid. It states that the advert is AIMED at stupid women.

      I’m also interested to know how you all came across this blog post – surely you’re not all on my twitter feed?

  6. ZXT

    FACTS! This was an ad from 1996. Mattel issued a cease and desist because it was advertised as an “anti-Barbie spokesperson”. It has nothing to do with the message, the ad directly attacked their brand name. Mattel doesn’t have the power to ban someone else’s ad, but they did have a legitimate claim.

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