Anti-capitalist Protestors At St Paul’s Cathedral

These protests have been going on since Saturday, and apparently have “halved” the number of visitors to St Paul’s Cathedral. A couple of things interest and confuse me here: firstly, why is this protest taking place outside a church and not a few yards either way towards the tabloids or bankers? Secondly, how many shades of irony are there in a church complaining about loss of profits due to a humanist protest?

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One response to “Anti-capitalist Protestors At St Paul’s Cathedral

  1. I’ve been following this at a distance via @OccupyLSX which has been organising the protest. The London Stock Exchange is on private property meaning they couldn’t stay there (fairly key to the #occupy movement) so they moved to Paternoster Square as still being banking-heavy.

    St. Paul’s actually agreed to let them stay in the current location and requested the police NOT move them away, so I’m a little suspicious about the Evening Standard’s reporting.

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