PCOS Update

Good news all-round this time.  Firstly, this has been the first winter since starting my new wave of treatment that I have actually lost weight.  This puts me at 5kg away from my target weight, which is still slightly classed as overweight by the BMI monitor, but I’ve decided I’d rather take boobs and bum into account than stick too closely to this.  I’m firmly closer to a 10-12, at any rate.

Secondly, the tablets seem to be working well.  Most notably, Finasteride (propecia) is making my hair grow back.  There’s been less hoovering and an increase in baby hairs.  I’ve been told that it’s important to keep my Vitamin D up to give myself the best chance of surviving winter, as it’s a vitamin closely tied to PCOS.

I’ve also had it confirmed (through social conversation with a gynaecological consultant) that my endocrinologist is just about the best in the business, so I’m fairly confident that things are going down the right track at this point.

For previous entries on PCOS, follow this link.

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