Afternoon Tea at Altitude 360

Altitude 360 is a restaurant at the top of the Millbank Tower in Westminster, walking distance from the Tate Britain and Parliament.  It offers panoramic views of London, including opportunities to see Westminster Abbey, The Gherkin, and St Paul’s Cathedral from a perspective that (in my opinion) beats that of the London Eye.

As a result it’s also really fucking expensive.  Altitude 360 offers brunch, dinner, and afternoon tea, which at full price is £87.50 for two.  Luckily, I came across a Groupon a few months ago for afternoon tea at the far less eyewatering price of £36 for two.

Given that this was a budget deal, we expected to be lumbered with the worst table in the restaurant, with the poorest view of the city.  Indeed, looking around the venue, it seemed that some diners (teaers?) were seated in front of a pretty dire view of Lambeth, but ours was arguably the best in the room:

If you're looking to get the most out of your money at this place, I highly recommend table 27.

The meal itself exceeded my expectations.  They don’t refill the tower, but as there was a sufficient savoury:sweet ratio, this didn’t really feel necessary.  There was enough to make it filling without feeling like too much, and the service was reasonably seamless.  Each course seemed fresh, but the scones could have done with being a bit warmer.

NB: Several items nommed before this picture was taken

All things considered, an excellent afternoon tea, but I’m not sure I’d pay full price for one sitting (brunch here is a buffet).

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