2011 in review

This blog post was written two weeks ago. I’m currently in Paris, shopping here, drinking these, and driving this person crazy.

Unlike most of my recent years, 2011 hasn’t really had a cohesive “theme”.  It’s not the year when I met X, the year Y happened, or the year I realised Z.

The best place to start, therefore, is probably last year’s New Year’s Resolutions.  I didn’t even finish writing them, which is a good start.  The final point was going to be something along the lines of how my grandmother’s death would make me more proactive, more productive, and less of a push-over.  Personally, there has been a lot of saying yes to things I want and no to things I don’t want in my life.  I’ve managed to sort out at least 3 health issues I’ve been putting off due to concentrating on my PCOS, and have learnt* how to better tolerate humans.  So, effective yes.  The leopard print-wearing, pain au raisin-eating octogenarian would be pleased.

I also said that I’d turn my job into a career and loose 5kgs.  Freelancing has gone from strength to strength and while I’m not yet confident enough to be making huge purchases (I miss you, Australia), I am earning enough to be able to pay off my mortgage a lot quicker than expected.  And while I’m certainly not as svelte as I was in 2009, I’ve managed to maintain a *steady* weight for most of 2011, which is important.  The recently discovery of a good fish and chip shop on Queenstown Road and the onset of winter has made this more difficult, but I’m managing to resist in moderation, stick to my food plan, and as for that inevitable hormonal tummy fat…corsets exist.  5kgs?  I’m not sure about that as I can’t remember what I weighed a year ago, but I am only 7kg away from my Endocrinologist-approved target of 8st 4lbs.

Elsewhere in 2011, I got 3 tattoos in the space of 9 months, visited Germany for the first time (if London is my lifeblood and Paris my true love, Berlin is my personality through and through), received messages of reassurance and affirmation from Robbie Williams (surreal), and finally obtained audiovisual proof of my magnetic attraction to the barrier at the Brixton Academy.  Frivolous things that only mean something to me.

I’m not sure what to resolute about in 2012 (besides reaching that weight target) because this year has been more about focusing on achievement than lack.  We’ll see.

*the t/ed past tense verb conjugation confuses me.  Bad english or a valid alternative?  The Romance languages don’t have this problem.

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