This One Is On Us mentioned in the Empirical Musicology Review

This One Is On Us has been discussed in an article entitled “Artist autonomy in a digital era: The case of Nine Inch Nails”, which can be found in the Empirical Musicology Review, a journal created to “provide an international forum promoting the understanding of music in all of its facets”.

In the case of Nine Inch Nails, and returning to reciprocity, perhaps the best illustration of how  important the working relationship is between artist and fan can be found in the organisation This One Is  On Us, an international group of Nine Inch Nails fans who have filmed and produced a series of live  concert films, with high quality audio provided by Reznor himself. The commitment to work towards a  shared goal is inspirational, and indicative of their commitment to the band. Their positive mission  statement, below, draws together several of the threads discussed so far, shining optimistic light on the  potential future of how fans and artists will interact:

We aim to restore live music as a shared, passionate entity, and work with those who embrace new  media and the realities of the Internet to build on their relationship with fans through collaboration and to create unique documents of their live events. Providing organizational, technical and financial support, we encourage fan communities to plan and execute first-rate film and audio recordings, and turn the resulting content into professional quality releases. Direct fan involvement allows us to capture the essence of a live experience, not only providing a souvenir for those that attended, but also allowing the world to live the show virtually first-hand. This One Is On Us profoundly enhances the relationship between artist and fan; a revolution emerges where the two meet
(This One is On Us, 2010)

The full article can be read here.

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