The Luggage Room

I’m not entirely sure I want you to know about this place.

It’s a high-quality, affordable place in Mayfar (pro).  It’s in a Marriot Hotel with direct access to the foyer (con).  If you’re in the right place it can feel timeless and magical with chrome, leather, and well-dressed internationals on dates and business lunches, the wrong table and you feel like you’re in a corridor drinking with tourists.  The drinks are classics, forgotten classics, and twists; enough to keep the menu interesting and wonder what certain flavours will be created, not so much that you’ll get disappointed by flash overcreativity.

It’s a slight shame that the plain black entry door now has a huge projection with the bar’s logo over it, but it’s not done in a way that detracts from the elegance within.  Service was unobtrusive and friendly, though we did feel sorry for the girl who had to leap up a flight of stairs to answer the door.

The bar snacks are pricey, but nuts/crisps are free.

+1 for a free sample drink on arrival.


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