Bufala Negra and Transmetropolitan

I am bored.  Let’s put things in a glass.




I got the Bufala Negra off a website because I wanted to DIY with balsalmic.  It’s OK, but a bit flat for all the ingredients.  I used Buffalo Trace and dry basil – perhaps it would taste different if I used fresh basil and a drier whiskey (although this drink was dry enough).  I’d like to try a version with tomato juice instead of ginger ale and perhaps a Pisco base.

The Transmetropolitan is my own thing inspired by The Queer Alternative‘s upcoming event Liberté! Egalité! Cabaret!.  I’ve tried to make a stereotypically gendered drink queer and add an extra element to make this less binary. Sazerac Rye + Cointreau + Cranberry Juice + celery bitters.  It works very well, evoking both drinks simultaneously.  You only need one dash of celery bitters, else it becomes too overpowering, but it adds an extra dimension.  Still, I should have something in my cupboard to bring the mystery third element in better.  Ginger liqueur? Something spicy?  Something sweet?  Port reduction?


I need a bigger bar.

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